4 modern safety best practices you need to know


On the job site, safety should always be a priority, no matter what it is you’re doing. Obviously there are many of the typical risks to be aware of, including tripping hazards and dust from materials, but on the modern job site, there’s more to be considered. We’ve put together a few safety best practices for the modern job site you might not have on your current checklist.

1. Conduct ‘before and after’ reviews

An important part of modern job site health and safety is preventing incidents and injuries from happening in the first place. Not only should you be putting together a proper plan to manage hazards before work even begins, you should also be reflecting on how hazards were handled once the job is done so you can use that knowledge for next time.

2. Use any online tools available

There’s so much tech out there nowadays so be sure to take advantage of it to keep your team safe.There are plenty of websites and online platforms that offer the latest news and updates, as well as tools to help you craft a solid safety plan. In fact, our mates over at HazardCo have put together some innovative software that helps you get your health and safety right.

3. Prioritise safety mentorships

To help workers understand safety goals and the specific parameters of a job or project, many construction companies are implementing a type of mentorship program. The goal is to make sure that the health and safety practices of the site are understood and followed, particularly by subcontractors. It’s a good idea to appoint a few key people to be in charge of ensuring everyone in the team understands the proper safety procedures.

4. Get in on the ‘green’ movement

Another common practice we’re seeing in modern construction is a focus on reducing or eliminating waste. Not only does taking a lean approach to materials help with creating a clean, environmentally-friendly job site, but it also helps with health and safety. This is because less excess materials lying around leads to less potential hazards when working around and removing wastage.

What kind of modern health and safety practices do you incorporate into your worksite? We’d love to hear from you!

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