4 ways to demonstrate a commitment to safety


No matter what industry you’re in, prioritising safety as a manager is essential. The last thing you want is for an accident to happen at work because proper safety procedures weren’t followed. This can be disastrous for your business, particularly if you work in the trades where you’re dealing with heavy machinery and harmful substances.

So how can you make safety a priority? You can demonstrate to your team just how committed you are to keeping them safe. Here’s how.

1. Start the conversation

Talking about safety regularly will keep it front of mind for your team, and show them that it’s a priority for you. Rather than just a quick briefing about a potential hazard, maintain the conversation throughout the day by asking how that hazard is actively being dealt with, and ensuring that everyone is behaving safely around it.

2. Ask for feedback

To show you’re committed to their safety, ask your team for feedback around ways to make the workplace safer. They’re the boots on the ground so they may see problems and solutions differently and provide valuable insights on how to improve the safety of themselves and the team. Asking your team rather than telling them is also a great way to build trust and show the value you place on their input.

3. Walk the talk

You can’t just talk about safety, you also need to practice what you preach. Make sure you’re setting a good example by wearing the proper protective gear when necessary, following the health and safety procedures at all times, and taking steps to minimise hazards where possible. The more you actively engage in making the workplace safer, the more your team will follow suit.

4. Maintain all equipment

It’s something that can often get overlooked, but it’s important to make sure all of your equipment is maintained at all times. Although it might seem obvious, when you are seen to be looking after your equipment and machinery, your team will also take more care when using and cleaning it. If you take more of a ‘she’ll be right’ approach, your employees will too, and that’s when maintenance can be missed and accidents can happen.

Keeping your team safe is a bit of a no-brainer, but the more you can demonstrate this commitment to safety, the more your team will follow suit and you’ll hopefully avoid any nasty accidents in future!

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