5 top tips for growing a mo


Movember’s now in full swing and we’re all getting our mo on! Whether you’re joining us in growing a mo for the month, or you’ve already grown a pretty stellar ‘stache and are holding on to it for dear life, here are some great tips to grow and look after your mo.

Get the right tools
While your mo is on the grow, it’s important to use the right tools to keep it looking fresh. In its initial stages, it can seem like a better idea to just let it grow as much as possible without cutting it, but using a beard trimmer or clippers to trim and shape it will actually help it grow faster. Once it gets a bit thicker, using some facial scissors to trim it should do the trick.

Lather. Rinse. Repeat
If you’re getting to the itchy as all hell stage, try using some shampoo and conditioner on your mo. This will help with the dry, itchy feeling and keep it looking clean and silky smooth! You can pick up a generic 2-in-1 jobbie from the supermarket, or if you’re feeling fancy, there are a few cool ‘stache-specific shampoo and conditioners out there.

Dry it out
You might not know this, but ask any of your female friends/family members – do not under any circumstances trim your moustache when it’s wet. Women often have this problem with a fringe that’s cut when it’s wet and it ends up shrinking up in a very unflattering way. Same goes for your mo…no one wants a weirdly large gap between top lip and moustache.

Wax on, wax off
To really add some definition and shape to your mo, have a play with a little moustache wax. We say a little, cos you don’t even want to know what a moustache caked in wax looks like…So start with a small amount and work it through with a moustache comb to have it looking healthy and on point!

If you’re new to growing a mo, you might find it surprising just how dry the skin underneath it gets. This is because the hair draws out all the moisture from your skin and then it evaporates, leaving you with an itchy, flaky mo – not ideal! Make sure to moisturise the skin under your moustache often, you don’t need much, just enough to stop the dryness.

Do you have any great mo-growing/mo-care tips?

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