Workplace accidents – why they happen and how to avoid them


Aah the dreaded ‘workplace accident.’ We all spend hours reading boring paperwork to make sure that one doesn’t happen and as serious as it is, we probably don’t think too much about it as we just get on and do what we need to do. So here’s a little reminder about why most workplace accidents happen and how you can avoid them…

Messy workspace
You and the team probably have a lot going on on the daily, with different bits and pieces floating around the job site, and you just don’t have the time to clean up every little mess as you go. Unfortunately, this can often lead to workplace accidents, for example when someone trips over a cable and goes headfirst into the concrete. It’s annoying, but if you want to keep yourself and the team safe, you’ll need to make sure everything is where it should be and is always as tidy as possible.

Just like when you’re driving, distractions can be deadly on site too. Even glancing down at your phone for a second can have pretty bad consequences, especially when you’re operating any machinery, so quite a few companies have banned mobiles on site. Some distractions aren’t quite as easy to fix though – sometimes you’re just having a sh*t day and your mind is elsewhere thinking about an argument you had or some bad news you received. If you feel like you’re having one of those days, maybe just let the team know so they can help you through and keep you focused.

Us Kiwis tend to think we’re invincible sometimes and take a bit of a ‘she’ll be right’ approach to things. There’s usually nothing really wrong with that, but when you’re working with a lot of dangerous equipment and material, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Working as a team is also pretty important – the ones who are trying to suck up and be the big shot tend to be the ones who create the most dangerous situations for themselves and everyone else. So look out for each other, guys!

Lack of good prep
Sometimes you just want to get the job done and dusted as soon as you can – so the sooner you start, the sooner you finish, right? But preparation is key when it comes to avoiding workplace accidents. Make sure you actually take the time to listen to any safety briefings before you start a job and encourage them to happen if one hasn’t been given. It’s important that you know any hazards onsite or any activity that will be taking place that day so you can prepare.

Let’s stay safe out there, team!

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