How to get those ace referrals


We all know that in this world, word of mouth is key. You know you’re going to get the best service for whatever you need if your cousin, his mate, and his mate’s brother have all recommended it. So how do you end up being the guy they’re all talking about? Check out our tips for getting the best referrals below!

Just ask

You might not have the time, or you might feel super awkward asking straight up, but it’s the best way to actually get those referrals coming in. Obviously knowing when and how to ask is pretty important here – you don’t want to be asking for referrals when you haven’t even completed the job yet, or when you’re not sure about how the client is feeling about the work you’re doing. If they’re full of praise once the job is done, you can slip a cheeky “Tell your mates” in there and they’ll probably be happy to do it!

Keep it simple

Sometimes you’ll have a client who seems all set to sing your praises but they might forget about it later on when they get busy. Having something that you can give them on the spot will make it a lot easier for you – whether it’s a quick form they can fill out with a friend’s details or a fun fridge magnet with your contact details so they can pass your number on later. You can even set up an online form that you can include in a follow up email to check that the completed job is working well for them and include a link to refer a friend – you’ll get the kudos for following up and you’ll hopefully get some more jobs from it too!

Make it worth it

You might have fantastic clients who are happy to refer you on to their friends with nothing in return because they’re absolutely stoked with your work and want to shout it from the rooftops. More commonly though, people do forget to refer or just don’t really think about it. If you add something juicy in it for them, they’ll be more likely to refer your services. You could create a competition where every referral goes in the draw to win a grand prize, or you could offer a discounted service in exchange for a great referral.

Be awesome

Obviously you can push for referrals all you want, but if you’re offering a sub-par service then of course you’re not going to get people raving about you. Creating opportunities for referrals should always be on top of the amazing work you’re already doing – people aren’t going to want to refer someone who’s just average. If you focus on getting your service on point by being friendly, consistent, and committed and giving 110%, you’ll see the referrals roll in all by themselves!

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