How to get the most out of your team


A successful manager in any field will know the importance of keeping your team motivated. So how do you get the most out of your team? We’ve put together some tips for you to try.

Celebrate the wins

It’s important to celebrate the big and small wins for your team. Recognising when people have put extra effort into a project or finished ahead of schedule will help your team put their best foot forward. You could celebrate your team by handing out awards or offering financial incentives like a gift card or bonus. This motivates employees to put in the hard yard so they can join their teammates in being recognised.

Allow your team to grow

Giving your team the space to grow and hone their skills will create a positive growth environment. Take advantage of the skills your employees have and encourage them to help each other develop their knowledge and skills. Give your team more challenging projects so they can get out of their comfort zone. This will keep their interest up in their role and increase their motivation.

Provide clear expectations

Give your team clear expectations so they can understand exactly what results you need with an appropriate timeline. Openly communicating with your team will reduce frustration and make sure your team feels prepared for each project. If they had any issues along the way, having clear expectations set means they can update you if there will be any issues preventing this from happening, rather than everyone finding out at the last minute.

Keep a relaxed environment

Nobody wants to work in a consistently tense and stressful environment. This can lead to unmotivated and burnt-out staff. A little stress can be a good motivator when you have a deadline to meet, but anything more than healthy stress will affect your team’s ability to achieve goals. Keep your stress away from your team so it does not impede them. Try to keep things light, especially around the pressure to make dates, joking around always helps.

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