How to stay motivated


Ever feel like some days you just don’t wanna get out of bed? Maybe sometimes you think you would have been better off sitting on your ass at a desk drinking coffee and watching funny YouTube vids. Even though some days are harder than others, you know deep down you wouldn’t trade being a tradie for the world. Here’s how to remember the good stuff when sh*t gets tough.

Challenge yourself

Sometimes it’s a challenge in itself to get up stupidly early every frigging morning, but we mean that you should find something new and exciting to challenge yourself with to keep you firing on all cylinders. It could be stepping up and asking your boss for more responsibility, or it could even be you throwing in the towel and starting your own business – who’s the big boss now?!

Pump up the fitness

We all know it feels pretty damn good to sweat it all out when you’re feeling sh*t so maybe you just need a bit more of that. If you’re feeling tired way more than you like, hit the gym more often or go and play some footy with your mates – what better way to get over a slump than to spear tackle your mates right? (If anyone gets hurt, forget we ever said anything…)

Do more of what you like to do

Figure out what you like doing in your job, whether it’s going into beast mode when hauling sh*t around, or whether you’re more of a numbers guy who likes everything to be precision-perfect. Once you know what you actually enjoy, do more of it! Talk to your boss about giving you more stuff like that too – they’ll appreciate someone who takes initiative and likes what they do rather than a grumpy b*stard who mopes around all day.

Appreciate your mates

There’ll always be those idiots in your job that you’re never going to get along with, but hopefully there are also some great gems who know how to make you laugh and work just as hard as you do. Stick with these kinds of people and get some banter in where you can – everyone knows that laughter is the best medicine! They’ll also probably be the ones to help you get sh*t done when they realise you’re not feeling 100%.

Don’t overdo it

As much as you love what you do, make sure you carve out some ‘me’ time and time to spend with the family too. Everyone needs a good work/life balance to stay sane so definitely put that first when you can. Even heading out on a roadie in the weekend with the wife and kids (as painful as that can sometimes be) will take your headspace out of work and into the more important things in life.

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