Keeping safe in your work vehicle


Driving a work vehicle? There’s a few things that you should keep in mind while you’re on the road. We’ve put together some tips that will help you keep safe in your work vehicle.

Secure your load

If anything fell out of your vehicle or trailer, you could cause serious harm to the traffic around you. Not to mention the risk of getting knocked by anything lying around your cab. You should be double-checking that any building materials or tools are safely secured in and out of your vehicle.

Drive to the conditions

Check the weather forecast before you head off, New Zealand is well known for its unpredictable weather so it’s good to keep an eye on it. If you experience heavy rain or high winds, reduce your speed and avoid sudden braking. You should also be aware of any conditions on the job site that may be hazardous. The last thing you want is to hit some gravel and spin out into the brand new fence.

Know your blind spots

Take extra care when you’re on a residential job site, knowing where your blind spots are will help you avoid hitting one of the neighbour’s cars. If you’re driving a particularly big truck, get your mate out to help you when you’re backing out.

Maintain your ride

You’ll need to make sure you’re keeping up with regular checks and services so you don’t run into any sticky situations on the job. If your vehicle is branded it’s not a great look if you’ve got any dents or damaged parts. Keep it clean inside and out so it always looks professional.

Check your insurance

Whether you’re the owner of the business or an employee, it’s important that you understand the insurance that is in place for the company vehicle you’re driving. Are you covered if your tools are in the back? Are you covered if one of your workmates drives it? Make sure you know just what cover you have to avoid any disappointments if you need to make a claim.

Get in touch with our team today and we can get you covered.

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