Kiwi Tradie Slang


Most Kiwis know these words but tradies use them so often it’s like they have their own language – how many of these do you and your mates use on the daily?


Barbie – BBQ – ‘Come for a barbie after work mate.’

Beaut – beauty, beautiful – ‘Your new ute is a beaut.’

Bloke – man – ‘Who’s that new bloke over there?’

Bugger – expressing disappointment – ‘My car broke down this morning.’ ‘Bugger.’

Chippy – Builder – ‘What do you do for a living?’ ‘I’m a chippy bro.’

Chocka – full/overflowing – ‘The roads were chocka today!’

Choice – pleased with something – ‘Got you a pie.’ ‘Choice, bro!’

Ciggie – cigarette – ‘Time for a ciggie?’

Crack up – funny – ‘Jim is such a crack up!’

Cuppa – tea or coffee – ‘Let’s stop and have a cuppa.’

Flat out – fast, busy – ‘Sorry can’t chat, we’re flat out on the site today.’

Hard yakka – hard work – ‘We’ll have to put in some hard yakka to get this finished on time.’

Hungus – hungry person – ‘Four pies?! You’re such a hungus bro.’

Knackered – tired – ‘All that lifting has me knackered.’

Munted – inebriated – ‘Jeff got so munted at Jim’s party last night!’

Muppet – idiot – ‘Check out this muppet – he’s put the door on the wrong way!’

She’ll be right – it will be okay – ‘This looks a bit wonky.’ ‘Nah, she’ll be right mate.’

Sickie – sick day/pretending – ‘John’s pulled a sickie again boys.’

Skint – broke – ‘Can’t hit the dairy today, I’m too skint.’

Smoko – mid-morning break – ‘Is it smoko time yet?’

Snags – Sausages – ‘Throw some more snags on the barbie.’

Sparky – electrician – ‘That sparky’s definitely got his wires crossed.’

Spinning a yarn – telling a (likely bullsh*t) story  ‘John’s not sick, he’s just spinning you a yarn.’

Stoked – pleased – ‘Boss gave me a raise today, I’m stoked!’

Sunnies – sunglasses – ‘Heck that sun’s bright today, where are my sunnies?’

Suss – suspicious, to investigate – ‘That guy seems a bit suss.’ ‘Okay, let me suss him out.’

The turps – alcohol – ‘Jeff’s getting on the turps again tonight!’

Wop-wops – middle of nowhere – ‘Where’s the job?’ ‘Out in the wop-wops mate.’


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