How to lead the younger generation


Managing younger generations can sometimes be a bit of a challenge. Here are some tips on how best to lead the younger generation.

1. Adapt

A crucial element of leadership is the ability to adapt. What motivated someone 10-20 years ago may not motivate younger generations. This can also vary from person to person so it’s important to understand and adapt your leadership style accordingly. You should continue to develop your leadership to care for a wide range of personalities and talents.

2. Collaborate

Managers should create a culture that fosters collaboration; older employees who have years of knowledge and skills can mentor younger employees. But the younger generations can bring new perspectives and alternative ways of thinking. The collaboration of the two will make for a strong team if you foster it right.

3. Be flexible

Younger generations are pushing for a more flexible workplace, especially in the current climate. They want the ability to work from home and create more of a work-life balance so it’s important to respect and encourage ‘unplugging’ to avoid burnout.

4. Listen

If you don’t understand your employee’s goals and values, you won’t discover what motivates them. Asking these kinds of questions will not only make your employees feel valued, but it will also give you the information you need to help them grow and succeed in their role. Younger generations want to feel heard and will engage more knowing you are actively listening.

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