Managing millennials


If you’ve got a few younger members of your tradie team, it’s likely that some will be millennials (those born between 1981 and 1996). If you also have older workers, you’ll know that there can be quite a difference between the oldies and the young’uns. So here’s how to manage and make the most of your millennial team members.

Communicate effectively
There tends to be a difference in how the generations prefer to communicate. Older team members will likely prefer a face-to-face chat, but with younger members like millennials, you might be better to communicate with them via email or text message.

Encourage knowledge sharing
Your right-hand man who’s been working with you for yonks will have experience on the job that your younger guys just don’t. But the millennials will likely have the upper hand when it comes to using technology – get them together to share their knowledge and you’ll soon have a pro team on your hands!

Remember recognition
Younger generations like millennials were raised with more praise and reinforcement than older generations. You don’t need to reassure them constantly, but make sure to check in every now and then with something they’ve done well to motivate and encourage them.

Challenge them
Millennials prefer to have variety in what they do, so when you’re figuring out who should do what, get them across a few different tasks. Throw in a couple of challenging jobs where they can really use their problem-solving skills and they’ll be happy as Larry.

Use technology
As we’ve said, millennials usually have a pretty good grasp of technology so they will appreciate any tech you’re using on site. If you’re wanting to add more, ask them for their opinion on which software or hardware to use – they’ll feel valued and you’ll get some great advice.

Be flexible
Another difference with millennials is that they often prefer to work for a company that allows for flexibility and a good work/life balance. Be sure to host a few activities with your team so they can socialise and get to know one another off the job site too.

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