Business 101 – Marketing tips for tradies


Getting your name out there might seem like an easy task, but it often falls into the ‘too-hard’ basket, or you just don’t have the time to set it all up. Marketing your business properly is key to attracting new clients and getting referrals from existing clients – but it doesn’t have to be difficult. Here are some great ideas to try to really amp up your tradie business!

Sort your website

You probably already have a website set up from a couple decades ago, but it’s time you change it up. A bit of money spent here will mean more made down the track when clients trust that your website is legit and not created on a computer from the dark ages. Your website should have up to date contact information, links to your social pages (yes, these are important, see below), and you can also include some great client testimonials or any awards or training your team has completed.

Get social

Aside from Googling your business name and website, Facebook is where most of your clients/potential clients will be checking you out. Again, you need to have updated contact info and logos so people can recognise your brand. You should try to post something up on your page at least once a week so everyone can see that you’re still relevant – even if it’s just a recent news article you found that relates to what your business does. Pictures of your team are also great to include here as it makes you seem more relatable and friendly. Facebook is also a fantastic place to post up any job ads or promotions you have running – people will be sharing these left, right and centre!

Brand up

Don’t have your logo and contact details all over your truck? What are you waiting for?! This is a really easy way to attract more business, especially if you have a logo and colours that really stand out. Most tradies (especially the big boss) will have a pretty hefty vehicle that will draw a lot of attention by itself, but if people are looking anyway, make sure they’re looking at your branding! Remember though that if you do slap your logo on the side of your truck, your driving needs to be spot on – if you’re out doing drifties in a branded up car, that’s a real bad look for the business!

Go old-school

If you’re not really a digital nomad (or you don’t even know what that means), then adding in a touch of old-school advertising might be the thing for you. There’s nothing wrong with a good old-fashioned flyer popped into people’s letterboxes, just make sure it’s professional and has all the correct details, including a website, so people can check you out and get in touch if they need to. You can include client testimonials here too as nothing gets people going like knowing other people have had good experiences. You could even add in a promo, something like show us this flyer and receive 15% off one of our services.

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