4 tips for minimising distractions on the jobsite


A jobsite is a busy place, and distractions are everywhere you look. Some you can’t really help, but it’s important to minimise distractions where you can to avoid any accidents or injuries. From having a no-device policy to making sure you take regular breaks, here are 4 tips that can help you reduce distractions onsite.

1. Have a no-device policy

One of the biggest distractions onsite and in general has to be our devices. It only takes a second of checking your notifications to miss something dangerous and end up in hot water. Make sure that you have a blanket policy regarding devices – whether that’s none onsite at all, or having them turned off at all times. If you need to use devices for work purposes, try using phones that have limited capabilities or even a radio system.

2. Do a walk-around each day

Gathering your team everyday to go through the hazards on site can be key to avoiding distractions. For example, if there are new obstacles, it can be distracting for anyone operating vehicles or heavy machinery to navigate around them. Their focus would end up being primarily on this obstacle rather than on any team members on foot nearby.

3. Take regular breaks

This one comes up often in site safety, but that’s because it’s essential to keep yourself and your team safe. When you’re working hard without breaks, it’s easy to get distracted. As you probably know, it can be difficult to concentrate when you’re stressed or hungry, and when you’re thinking about how stressed and hungry you are, your focus isn’t on the task at hand.

4. Get a good night’s sleep

It’s so important for tradies to get a good night’s sleep. The physical labour alone means your body needs more time to recover. If you don’t get enough sleep, it can be near impossible to concentrate, and you’ll be much more likely to get distracted. Your attention will wander easily, which is not ideal when there are so many hazards around!

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