New Year’s resolutions NOT to make this year


It’s that time of year guys, we’re all out there thinking that maybe this year’s going to be different, we’re going to go to the gym more, drink less, save more money…but these are actually pretty pointless since by February we’ve given up on them. So here are some resolutions NOT to make this year because, let’s face it, you probably won’t stick to them anyway.

Exercise more
The thing about exercise is that it only works if you actually do it often – so many people join gyms and start working out more in the summer, but by the time winter comes, the time when you actually should be shredding to look good in summer, everyone’s given up again and is wasting their money on membership fees.

Instead of making your resolution just to exercise more or join a gym, make it more specific, like join a footy team or run with your dog at the park every day – make it easy for yourself!

Eat less
Again, one of the most popular resolutions people don’t actually stick to is to eat less, or go on a diet. If you’re working hard, the last thing you’ll want to be doing is to eat less, you’ll just be hungry and snapping at everyone all the time.

Instead of saying you’ll go on a diet or you’ll eat less, say you’ll only order fast food once a week or you’ll sign up for cooking classes to learn how to cook healthier food.

Quit drinking/smoking
This isn’t actually a bad resolution as you’ll feel better and be healthier overall if you do it, but it’s more about how you go about doing it. You need to be serious and have a plan in place, not just say you’ll do it because it’s New Years and that’s what people do.

Instead of straight up quitting, just cut it down. If you smoke a pack a day, just smoke a few less everyday until you get used to it. If all else fails though, talking to the quitline and getting help to get yourself sussed is great too!

Save more money
Yeah we all want more cash and to have a nice little bundle of money if we need it, but a vague resolution like ‘save more money’ isn’t really going to help. Things will come up and you’ll start feeling like it’s too much of a sacrifice to save, so you won’t.

Instead of being too general, state a specific amount you want to save each week. It can be anything, even a dollar is better than nothing. Some people have found it good to save one extra dollar every week, so the first week it’s saving $1, then the next it’s $2 and so on.

What are your resolutions this year?

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