Our top tips to help tradies keep their tools safe!


Tool theft is a constant challenge for tradies throughout New Zealand and unfortunately it’s on the rise with claims for tool theft at an all time high! We know that your tools are essential to your livelihood and although they may be insured it can be stressful and time consuming to replace them. So we’ve put together our top tips to help you keep your tools safe. Read on for how to protect your tools and secure your workspaces:

Secure storage and vehicles

Store your tools in a locked and well-secured area. If you have a workshop, garage, or shed, invest in sturdy locks and reinforce doors and windows. Don’t leave tools lying around in open spaces where they are easy targets. 

If you transport tools in a vehicle, make sure it’s locked and try to park in a secure location off the road. Tools should be hidden or kept in a lock box where possible.

Step up your security

Installing security cameras and illuminating your property with motion sensor lights can be a powerful deterrent. Visible cameras can discourage burglars from attempting to break in and sensor lights can help to scare off intruders during the night. You may also consider adding an alarm system or a GPS tracker to your vehicle if you keep tools inside. 

Engrave and mark tools

Engrave your name or a unique identifier on your tools. This will not only make them less appealing to thieves but also help law enforcement identify and recover stolen items if they’re ever found.

Keep inventory and records

Create a detailed inventory of your tools, including their serial numbers, descriptions, and value. In the event of a theft, having these records will aid in reporting the incident to the police and insurance companies. You can try apps like Hoist where you can access and manage your assets securely online.

Be discreet on social media

Keep quiet on social media if you’re planning an extended period away and avoid sharing any pictures of expensive tools or equipment. Thieves may monitor online platforms to identify potential targets.

By keeping on top of these tips you can help deter thieves and make it safer for everyone. Make sure you share these tips on site so we can work together to keep tools safe!  

Making a claim 

In the unfortunate event you do need to make a claim for stolen tools, assets or contents, please prepare and send the following: 

  • Completed Claim Form –  See here
  • Police Report 
  • Completed Loss Schedule
  • Proof of Purchase (e.g. invoices, bank statements, company asset register etc.)
  • Replacement Quotes. (you may speak to your preferred supplier to get a quote for the missing items.)

Photos or a video showing forced entry to the locked vehicle/site.

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