Stuck in a rut?


Feeling like you’re stuck in a rut? If you’re not constantly striving to make changes and challenging yourself and your team, you can get stuck in the same cycle. We’ve put together some tips on how you can get out of your boring routine and drive your business forward.

Reignite your spark

Boredom can be burnout in disguise. A growth plateau in a business can often be linked to the owner’s personal lack of motivation to push the business forward. Your personal well-being needs to be put first in order to see changes in your business.

Prioritise your health and your mind by setting aside some time to move your body. Keep it simple – go to the gym, join a sports team or go on a quick walk around the block. Make sure you’re also getting enough sleep, and try to increase your fruit and veg intake. Chuck on a podcast or grab a book that inspires you and read a few pages a day. Not only will this reduce the risk of burnout, but it will also bring back your personal enthusiasm and motivation to grow your business.

Connect with your team

If you’ve been lacking interest and motivation, your team has probably noticed and it may have even affected their own enthusiasm. Start sharing your goals and visions with your team and encourage their involvement. This will make them feel valued and they’ll appreciate your new energy towards the business. Encourage them to give you feedback on their experiences at work. This will not only show where improvements could be made, but it will also show you care about them. If possible, organise more training sessions or activities that excite your team members.

Make a plan

Without some clear goals, your routine can stay stuck in the same pattern. Planning out your goals will help you to outline where you want your business to go and what steps you and your employees need to take to get there. This will act as a motivational tool for you to challenge yourself and stay on track. Using a plan will help you to correctly allocate resources, meaning you wont get caught up wasting time or money.

Working to improve, challenge and motivate yourself and your employees will ensure your business reaps the benefits. Try out our tips and see how you go!

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