Spike’s Survival Guide: Your first week as a tradie


Most of you probably remember your first week as a tradie pretty well, even if you’d rather forget some of it. If you’re just starting out and you’re green as grass, here’s a handy survival guide to make sure you make a good impression and get through your first week in one piece!

Be on time

No one likes a slacker who puts the team behind because he’s slept in – you’ll probably already get a bit of flack for being new (all in good fun, of course!) so don’t get any more for turning up late. Turning up on time shows that you’re going to take your job seriously and will make you a valued part of the team – no one will want to pick up your slack if you don’t hold your own! Bonus tip – turn up early to get your bearings and get to know your team before you start work because once you get started, it’ll be all go!

Ask questions

This one is pretty important, but you’ll need to be aware of the best time to ask something. Obviously you’ll never know if you never ask, but if you’re constantly pissing off your team by asking questions every couple of minutes when they’re super busy, you won’t be doing yourself any favours. If you’re not sure how to do something, maybe try observing before asking – that way you’ll be able to ask more specific questions that will likely give you a better answer.

Dress appropriately

You should already know this, even if you’re new to the industry, but being a tradie really isn’t a suit and tie kind of gig – unless you’re the big boss that is. You should have already been told what you need, but if not, start with some decent boots and sturdy clothing. Each job site might require a different dress code and different equipment, so it pays to check in with your boss to make sure you come wearing the right gear – chinos and a polo shirt are probably not going to be the best option…

Accept all invitations

It’s one thing to impress your boss, but you also have to impress your work mates, because let’s face it, they’ll be the ones judging you the most. But don’t be put off, just get yourself stuck in – if the team invites you to lunch or to a backyard barbie, say yes. Making friends is quite an important part of any job, but the sh*t tradies have to go through together makes it all the more important.

Don’t overdo it

As much as you’ll want to pull your own weight along with the team, remember that they’ve likely been doing this a lot longer than you. Being a tradie often involves a lot of heavy lifting and hard physical labour, but if you try to keep up with everyone on your first day, you’ll be absolutely knackered and useless to anyone for the rest of the week. Build it up, ask for a hand, and maybe spend a bit more time in the gym to prep before you start your new job.

Good luck bro!

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