Tips to make you a better leader


Owning a business can come with many challenges along the way. Being a good leader not only supports your employees, but also supports the future growth of your company. We’ve put together a few tips to help make you a better leader.


As a leader, you can’t always be everywhere at once, this is why it’s important to have structure, systems and policies in place for your employees to follow while you are not around. The key is to set up these systems with little room for interpretation and ensure your team is confident using these processes. Setting clear expectations for each member of your team will also help to reduce crossed lines of communication.

Investing in your team

Hiring the right people starts with knowing exactly what role you need to fill, what kind of employee you want, and what skills you need in your team. When screening candidates, look for people who exhibit a strong work ethic and enthusiasm for the role. Proper onboarding and training will give them confidence with the company’s systems, procedures and values. Investing in your team’s training will show you care about their mental and professional development and that growth will benefit your entire team.

Work-Life Balance

The pressure that workaholic leaders put themselves through can rub off on employees and create a negative environment. Sustaining this ‘work is life’ mentality can cause burnout. Taking care of your needs demonstrates good leadership and will support your employees to do the same. Employees who are more sociable make for better team players and will offer useful insight on how the business is run.


Motivated employees are one of the most common factors in successful team management. Building a culture of recognition can motivate employees to reach their full potential. Positive reinforcement can create a positive work environment and lower stress among workers who are praised. Creating a habit out of praising your employees for their achievements will develop a strong growth mindset among your team.

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