Cactus Insurance tool cover for tradesman


 Tool Insurance. It’s not just for your tools!


If you’re a hands on tradie your tools are the be all and end all of your business. Your day to day ability to lay blocks or run cables comes downs to having your tools on hand to get the job done.

Tool theft has become far too prevalent around New Zealand in the last few years, frequently coming up in the news in Auckland and Wellington.

Losing your tools causes delays to you and anyone you’re subcontracting to, costing time and money. We highly recommend making sure you have the right cover, keep good records of your kit and take preventative measures.

If some dick pulls a fast ne on you its good to know what you’re covered for. Here is a few things we bet you didn’t know that your Material Damage (Tools) cover will also cover you for

  • Your portable electronic devices like cell phone, laptop and iPad. Cover is up to $5000 per item, or $10,000 per event
  • Money, your takings and wages are covered in a safe at your premises, or in transit to the bank. If they are stolen, you are covered for up to $5000
  • Employees Effects. If any of your employee’s gear is stolen we will also cover this for up to $5000
  • If your computer gets fried or dropped in the mud, you can claim for software up to a maximum of your sum insured
  • Theft from a locked vehicle. If you dive out for a pie and someone swipes your gear, no problem. We will cover you for up to $10,000 for theft from a locked vehicle, but make sure you lock it!

Cactus Tip:

Lock it or lose it! Your cover is only valid if your tools are locked and secured. Unexplained loss is not covered under this policy. There must be forced entry, or threat of violence. Tool’s that simply walk away will not be paid for.

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