Best tradesman accounting software


From tracking subbie or employee time sheets to, quoting jobs or full project management, Xero is an accounting software with a whole bunch of time-saving tools for tradesman.


Here are a couple of ways you can use this tradesman accounting software (and it’s awesome ‘add-ons’) to make your business run smoother:


  • Tracking employee time sheets, this can even be based on a GPS location!
  • Keeping track of your money with cash flow and P&L reports
  • Easy reconciling of GST receipts (don’t forget to add those after work beers with the boys on site)
  • Up to the minute balance sheets
  • Easy tracking of business assets like expensive machinery and trucks
  • Manage stock and inventory to eliminate stock shrinkage

The best part of Xero is the fact that you can use it anywhere with an internet connection, even on your smartphone or tablet.  This means your new office is anywhere you choose. You can quote, invoice and notify the team right from your iPad while your still with the client or out on site.

Leveraging technology to run your business will give you more time to be hands on with clients, manage your staff or kick back and let the boys do the work.

We hope Xero will help you reduce the boring s*** so you can focus on the stuff that matters.


PS: There is an alternative called MYOB…but it’s Australian. Enough said.

PPS: You can try it FREE for 30 days.

PPPS: Stop being an old fart and give it a go, bro.

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