Training an apprentice?


Have you just started training an apprentice? We’ve put together a few tips that will help you get the best results for them and your business.

Find out what they need to learn

When you take on an apprentice, you’re responsible for training and supervising them. Their organisation will take care of facilitating their training and assessing, but it’s important to understand what’s involved for them to get credits. Be sure to contact their organisation if you’re unsure about anything.

Make sure they’re learning the right stuff

It’s important to follow the training plan so your apprentice doesn’t end up in the position where they haven’t done the right work to pass. Sending them on errands may be tempting, but try not to assign them too many jobs that won’t offer learning opportunities. Regular check-ins are a good way to see if they need any more support from you.

Work in study time

Apprentices need to complete written studies in order to pass and receive their credits. It can be tough trying to fit in their study while working long days, especially when they are starting out. This means they’ll need your support to try and balance their workload and study. A great way to support this is to work some study time into their schedules. Once they get up to speed and gain more experience, you can increase their workload.

Set out your expectations

Setting expectations at the start of the apprenticeship helps them understand exactly what they need to do. This can include rules such as showing up on time, communicating, and being respectful. Show them the ropes of working on a job site so they don’t become that one guy who never tidies up his tools.

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