How to avoid a New Year’s hangover


Last year we shared some handy hangover cures with you, but this time, it’s all about avoiding one in the first place! And yes, the answer is usually just drink less, but here are some other tips that might help you feel a little less rough on New Year’s Day.

Line your stomach

You might have found this out the hard way already, but don’t start drinking a tonne of alcohol on an empty stomach. If you know it’s going to be a big night, make sure you fill up on carbs beforehand to help your body absorb the alcohol.

Stick to light coloured drinks

Even though darker drinks might be your jam, if you want to avoid the hellish feeling the morning after, stick to vodka, gin, or white rum. This is because darker drinks contain natural chemicals called congeners that can irritate your blood vessels and make that hangover a LOT worse.

Alternate drinks

Want to be fresh as a daisy the next day? Make sure you’re drinking a non-alcoholic drink in between each alcoholic one. Chuck in a water after each drink and you’ll be golden! You could opt for fizzy drinks, but they can actually speed up the absorption of alcohol into your body…

Keep up the H2O

One of the main reasons you get a hangover is because you’re super dehydrated. If you don’t drink enough water throughout the night, it’s going to be worse. If you forget though, make sure to chug a bottle before you go to sleep, and keep some handy by your bed in case you wake up with the dreaded dry horrors.

Don’t skip breakfast

Even though you might not feel up to eating much the next day, the best thing you can do is get a good breakfast down. It’ll help pick up any traces of alcohol, and will also get your blood sugar levels back to normal.

Have fun this season everyone – and remember, drink responsibly!

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