Best New Year hangover cures


Anyone else feeling a bit worse for wear after New Year’s Eve? To help you start the year off right, and maybe to keep in mind for any future times, here are some great tips to get rid of that hangover.

1. Get some grease
This one’s probably more for next time but apparently if you line your stomach with greasy or oily food, it takes longer for the alcohol to absorb. So next time you’re going to have a big night, grab some pizzas first!

2. Ginger up
Feeling like you’re going to hurl the next day is no fun – you’re already dealing with a killer headache and lack of sleep, you don’t want to be dealing with nausea too. Grab something with ginger in it – ginger ale, ginger tea, or ginger supplements and get them down you, you’ll feel better in no time!

3. Give the coffee a miss
As much as you might want to reach for your usual cup of joe, it’ll actually make you more dehydrated than you already are. Keep the water or Powerade handy instead and drink as much as you can – just make sure to keep the sips small because you’ll feel worse if you just down it in one.

4. Eat something
It’s hard to think about food when you’re feeling like trash and your stomach is swirling, but you’ll need to put something in your system. If you’re feeling really sick, start with some dry crackers or toast, and then once you feel better, maybe try something a bit more substantial. Sometimes even a Macca’s cheeseburger might actually do the trick!

5. Get in the shower
Even if you have to crawl in there, having a cool shower will do you a world of good. It’ll clean off the blood, sweat and tears and help you to feel refreshed. You can switch between cool and warm if that helps as it will stimulate blood flow, but don’t make it too hot or cold or you’ll make things worse.

6. Go back to bed
Once you’ve popped the ginger, downed some water and food and had a shower, the best thing you can do is just go back to bed to get some more sleep. Getting some more shut-eye will help your body heal and give you a break from feeling so crap.

Drink responsibly this season guys!

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