Tradie Tips – Build customer loyalty with these 5 tips


Once you’ve completed a job for a client, you want to be their go-to for any future work. To get yourself to that point, you need to get the job done right, you also need to go above and beyond to make sure you’re at the top of the list when they think of tradies. So how can you build that all-important customer loyalty and get more referrals?

1. Make a great first impression

It seems obvious, but you need to impress your client all the way through, from your first meeting to your last. Your client will be creating their first impressions of you within about 10 seconds so it’s important to have all of the bases covered. You should show up in a clean, branded vehicle, have a tidy appearance (tricky if you’ve just come from another job but make the effort), and be confident and friendly.

2. Remember the little things

We’ve told you all about how it’s the little things that count with clients but remember to actively listen to the client’s needs, and ask them questions to gauge what their priorities really are. A good trick is to repeat their requests back to them once you’ve discussed the plan so they know you really care about and understand their needs. Clients want to know that you know exactly how to fix their problems, but also that you take pride in your work.

3. Leave them with a reminder

If you’ve done a fantastic job for the client and they’re happy as a pig in mud, they need to be able to easily refer their friends. The novelty might wear off pretty fast, so make sure to leave them with something that reminds them you’re the one they can go to with any future jobs. It might seem tacky or unnecessary, but things like fridge magnets really do make a difference – if they have something that needs fixing, your details are right there.

4. Follow up

Most of the time once you finish a job, it’s done and dusted and you’re on to the next one. But what will really make you stand out and build that great customer loyalty is following up. Give it a week or two and give the client a call to check in. Ask if everything is working as it should, and if they have any issues or concerns. If there is something that’s not quite right, it makes you look proactive and professional in asking them first.

5. Encourage reviews

If your clients are going to be loyal ongoing, it’s likely they will want to leave a review. If they’re that happy with your work, they’ll do it the second you ask. Word your request in a way that says you’re always trying to improve your services so you’d love it if they could provide any feedback, good and bad. If they leave you a good review, they’ll likely continue on with you so don’t forget to ask!

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