You’re the big boss and you need
some protection for you and the minions.

Congrats on living the Kiwi dream and owning your own business. However as you know it comes with a load more work and new stresses – like the joys that come with being an employer. All those muppets report to you now and are looking to you for answers. Fortunately we can help manage some of the stress.

The Boss Tool Shed

I work in .


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Frequently Asked Questions

Are all the liability covers the same? What do I need and is it worth it?

As a business owner and employer of staff, you’ll need Public, Statutory and Employer’s Liability. We’ll sort you out for all three under one cover to that’s one less thing to worry about. Is it worth it? Well, can you afford to replace your tools if they get nicked, or the court fees and penalties for defective workmanship?

What about when subbies are on site?

If you have a subbie working on a few different sites, make sure they have their own cover before they step foot on yours.


Are my subbies and apprentices covered on my vehicle policy?

Yes, as long as it is being used for work purposes and they have a valid license.

Do I need vehicle insurance if my apprentice has his own?

If an apprentice is out and about in your vehicle and they have an accident, you could be liable. If they are using their own vehicle for work, they will not be covered. You will need Vehicle Insurance for all work vehicles to make sure you and your staff stay protected.


One lad had $2000 worth of tools stolen on my site. Am I responsible?

You’re not responsible, but if they don’t have personal insurance, they could be out of work for a while. Our material damage (tool) cover, even covers employees gear for up $5000 and will see them back to the job with 48 hours. Too easy!


I’m thinking of starting my own business, how can I make sure I'm covered?

Good on ya mate! The best thing to do is give us a call for a chat as it will all depend on a number of things including any planned staff, value of assets and the risk of your business.

A subby hurts themselves on my site. Is it my fault or theirs?

Regardless of who’s at fault, you’re responsible and Health and Safety and Worksafe can fine you substantially. Our Public, Statutory and Employer’s Liability (alongside your Health and Safety provider) will support you through the process.

I currently work for myself, but am thinking of getting an apprentice. Do I need to extend my cover?

As long as they are working under you, you do not need to extend your Public or Statutory Liability, but you will need to get Employer’s Liability and may need to extend you tool cover too.

Do I need Contract Works Insurance for a new build?

Yes! It is your obligation to sort this out if you’re building a new property.

What about when we’re extending a house?

Under the Constructions Act, it’s the owner’s obligation to initiate a Contract Works for renovations. It is crucial that this is done through a proper adviser as it must be in conjunction with their current home insurance policy to be valid.


I have an LBP license, do I still need insurance?

If you’re signing off work, you’re responsible. As well as suspending or losing your licence, you can be personally fined up to $20k. Not worth it bro! We can tailor a special cover for LBPs to include the extra cover you need as someone who takes the responsibility for signing off the work of others.

We just finished a job for local school and they’re threatening to take us to court over damage to their plumbing system. Where do we stand?

If the work has been signed off, the LBP will be responsible. With PI cover, any legal costs and expenses associated with defending yourself against legal action are covered.