You don’t answer to the man
and you need to cover your own butt.

You’re either working on your own as a one-man band, or you’re contracted on a bigger site – either way you’ve got a bunch of tools and a whole new set of risks you didn’t have as an apprentice. Clients bring risk, but we’ve got you covered (especially for those ones that are a right pain in your butt… you know the ones we’re talking about.)

The Subbie Tool Box

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Here at Cactus we understand what tradies want and need from insurance. As well as covering you with one simple policy, we’ve thrown in some pretty sick deals too. Sweet as!



We’ve teamed up with the guys over at HazardCo to provide you with all the training and info you need to tick all the health and safety boxes and stay compliant.


Paperwork shmakerwork! The suits over at Haven are offering accounting packages to Cactus clients starting from only $40!


Our friends at ilabb are one of NZ’s most recognizable labels and they want you to always look dope. Cactus customers get 15% off online orders.


For sick as branding and signage on your work gear, look no further than DoctorB. They’re even offering Cactus members 15% off vehicle signwriting.

Frequently Asked Questions

I’m a tradie, what insurance do I need and is it worth it?

Tradies generally need Tool, Vehicle, and Liability cover. All our products are modular so you won’t be paying for what you don’t need. Is it worth it? Well, can you afford to replace your tools if they get nicked, or the court fees and penalties for defective workmanship?

I’ve done this for years with no sweat, why would I need insurance now?

Lucky you! With the number of claims we get, not everyone seems so fortunate. As a subbie, you take all the responsibility on your own shoulders, so it’s not even worth the risk.

What policies do I need?

As you are personally responsible when you’re on the job, you need to ensure you’re fully protected. As well as Vehicle and Tool cover, you’ll need Public and Statutory Liability and Professional Indemnity, and maybe even LBP. If you’re unsure, give us a ring and we’ll make sure you stay risk free while only paying for what you need.


My tools got pinched on my first day on the job. How long will it take to replace them?

We don’t want you to miss your livelihood so we’ll have you back to work with everything you need in 24 – 48 hours. You’ve probably got some pretty sweet stuff in there too. That’s why all gear under ten years old will be replaced with a brand spanking new set.


My current employer wants me to use the work van for all trips. Do I need separate insurance?

Your current employer’s vehicle insurance should cover you for all accidents and damages when the vehicles being used for work purposes, assuming you’ve got a valid license.


My employer said he’s already got insurance, so i’m sorted right?

Not necessarily my friend. As you’re hired on a contract basis, you are only protected under their Liability cover when directly working on their work site. If you’re carrying out any jobs on the side, you’ll need your own cover.

I’ve got Statutory Liability, why do I need Public Liability too?

If you hit a gas pipe on the job, you’re paying. Public Liability will protect you from personal injury or property damage.

I’ve got an apprentice working under me. Am I responsible for them?

If the apprentice or any employee working under you is hired by the employer, you are not responsible and they will be protected under the employer’s liability. If you’ve hired them, you are responsible and will need Employer’s Liability Insurance. Any doubt, get in contact – it’s better to be sure.


I have an LBP license, do I still need insurance?

If you’re signing off work, you’re responsible. As well as suspending or losing your licence, you can be personally fined up to $20k. Not worth it bro! We can tailor a special cover for LBPs to include the extra cover you need as someone who takes the responsibility for the work of others.

I’m not signing off work but i’m still providing warranties. How can I make sure i'm covered?

Even if your employer has Professional Indemnity cover, you’re not free from risk. You can be held liable for defective workmanship if your name is on the warranty. Give us a call and we’ll tell you exactly what you need without the bull.