4 out of the box ways to find leads for your tradie business


If business has slowed, or you’re just looking to ramp things up, you’ll need to find leads. You might have had clients calling you for jobs left, right and centre, but if that stops, it’s time to get creative. So we’ve put together 4 out of the box ways for you to find leads and get your tradie business booming again!

1. Join Facebook groups

You might have a Facebook page, but how often do you actually engage with it? Now’s the time to take another look and see where it can maximise your leads. Joining local and relevant Facebook groups is a fantastic way to generate leads because you’ve got people asking for recommendations who you can reach out to directly. Even just responding to someone’s comment about the best type of materials for a job can get you serious brownie points!

2. List your business

There are plenty of sites where people are looking for tradies, like One Stop Shop or NoCowboys, so make sure you’re listed in their directories. If you’ve got this covered already, be sure to go back and check that all of your information is still up to date, and include any new photos or testimonials that can boost your profile and make you stand out from the crowd. To really maximise this lead generation tool, you could even reach out to the managers and see if you could do a sponsored blog post or offer expert advice.

3. Know where your customers are

Just because everything is digital nowadays, doesn’t mean that traditional marketing doesn’t have its place. Check out some other local businesses where your clients might be frequenting and see if you can work up a deal with the business – they pop your business cards on their counter, you recommend them to clients. These could be local cafes, or something more relevant to your business like a parts or fixtures store. There’s no harm in reaching out and seeing how you can work together to create a win-win situation!

4. Make yourself an expert

Maybe you’re already an expert, after all you have your own tradie business. But how many other people actually know about your expertise? Reach out to a local journalist or editor of a relevant magazine to see if they need any expert commentary on a particular story they’re running. Buy them a coffee and have a chat – if they don’t have anything going at the moment, they’ll likely remember you when they do! The more you can comment on industry news, or supply DIY pro tips to a homeowners magazine, the more people will remember your name and see you as the go-to for their next job.

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