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LBP Professional Indemnity INSURANCE

We all mess up, no need to throw your tools.

Cactus LBP Professional Indemnity Insurance protects you in the event that you’re faced with a negligence claim made by a client. This is tailored cover for you as an LBP when you sign off work and take responsibility for the work of others.

This insurance specifically caters for:

Financial Loss

You’re covered for financial loss that you suffer as a result of a claim made against you.


Any compensation you are required to pay your client, or the person making the claim, will be covered.


Your LBP Professional Indemnity Insurance will cover your employees as well, but not any consultants or subcontractors you hire on your site.

Property Damage and Bodily Injury

You’ll be covered if found liable for damages to property or injury caused to someone as a result on a negligence claim.

Legal Defence Costs

Your defence costs are covered if you have to attend court as the result of a claim made against you.

“Terms and conditions apply. A copy of the policy wording is available from Cactus on request”

Spike’s Tip!

Your PI cover will cover your own arse, and the arse of any employee. It does not cover any contractor you hire, so while you will be sweet, they won’t be. Make sure that any contractor you hire holds their own Liability cover…. If they don’t, send them to us!

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Mike Drum

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The process was easy as! The whole thing was simple to use which was a massive benefit to me

Matt Dangen

MJD Electrical

There was no muckin’ around. Super easy to follow and really clean. There’s lots of cover in there that I had no idea about

Nick Josephson

BBT Digital

Highly recommend these lads, a great bunch that understand the needs of a tradie with flexible options to suit my needs. 10/10