Professional Indemnity

If you’ve made a mistake on the job and a client wants to take legal action, you’ll need to make sure you’re covered.

Professional Indemnity Insurance covers you for any compensation you’re legally required to pay, and any legal costs involved in defending the claim. We can help with LBP Professional Indemnity, as well as Electrician’s Professional Indemnity.

We’ll get you covered for

Financial Loss



Property Damage

Legal Defence Costs

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Adviser: Nathan
Cactus is really awesome. Nathan was easy to talk to, it was just like talking to one of the tradies. He made it easy to understand all the corporate stuff.
Adviser: Nathan
Beautiful. Fantastic. Amazing.
Adviser: Jacob
Jacob is a good dude, he wasn’t some slick salesman. What an amazing company.
Adviser: Ilan
My boss recommended Cactus Insurance to me and it’s been the easiest insurance process yet!
Adviser: Wayne
Very good service from Wayne.