Business Interruption

If the worst happens and you’re unable to trade due to damage to your business assets, we’ll make sure you’re back up and running as soon as possible.

Having Business Interruption cover in place helps to minimise the financial impact to your business and ensures you have the funds to keep up your income stream.

We’ll get you covered for

Loss of profit

Loss of rental income


Additional expenses such as a temporary premises

Financial obligations to shareholders and staff

Expenses incurred in quantifying your claim

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What our mates say

Adviser: Nathan
Nathan made a great first impression. When I wanted to go ahead and setup my insurance, I contacted him straight away.
Adviser: Jacob
The process was a breeze. I had a few questions about my old policy and all were answered.
Woodeez Family Trust
Adviser: Nathan
Great service, very seamless process.
Adviser: Jacob
I didn’t have any paperwork to deal with, it was all so easy.
Adviser: Ilan
Getting cover was an extremely easy and very informative, enjoyable process.