Our Story

Getting business insurance used to mean endless paperwork, lots of corporate lingo and having to deal with a suit that didn’t know the first thing about owning and running a small business – then feeling abandoned once you’d signed on the bottom line.

Cactus has been a game changer for Kiwi businesses by providing easy access to tailored insurance, without all the paperwork and jargon.

Cactus was founded in 2017 with a mission to firstly, ensure more Kiwi businesses were protected, and secondly, to make sure they were properly covered so there were no surprises at claim time.

Our approach – creating tailored insurance packages to suit each industry, simplifying the paperwork, employing down to earth advisors who understand small business, and partnering with organisations to create a raft of additional benefits for policy holders.

At Cactus, we’re here to revolutionise the commercial insurance industry by creating an experience and products that are tailored
to you and your businesses.

Think of us as the no bullsh*t brokers for Kiwi business.

Since its inception in 2017, Cactus has had five years of exciting growth:

A year of designing industry-specific insurance packages and simplifying the application process to ensure our clients have the best experience possible.
Cactus is launched, initially specifically for tradies, and is an overwhelming success.
The word is spreading about this insurance business taking on the big guys – turns out customers were sick and tired of not being listened to by their insurer – who knew!
COVID hits hard, but we hit back harder as Kiwi businesses needed us now more than ever.
Cactus expands its team and launches an exclusive partnership with NZ Trade Group.

Our Team

Nicholas Rolfe
Alifiyah Lakdawala
Customer Excellence Manager
Ilan Wisenberg
Senior Broker
Stephanie Wyatt
Senior Broker
Nathan Barker
SME Team Leader
Shyam Mehta
Claims Coordinator
Wayne Cooney
Commercial Broker
Jacob Hornsby
Commercial Broker
Jill Overberg
Customer Support
Joan Nuguid
Operations Team Leader
Loraine Quinto
Senior Claims Specialist
Antonino Navarro
Adviser Support
Cathy Caponpon
Adviser Support
Jennifer Valenzuela
Sr. Underwriter
Honey Olmoguez
Raz Aguilar