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Contract Works INSURANCE

Building a house doesn’t come cheap, especially when you’re footing the bill if it alls goes belly up.

Cactus Contract Works will ensure your construction project is protected from start to completion.

We will cover you for:

Removal of Debris

We pay for the demolition and removal of all debris when a house or materials are damaged during the build.

Principal supplied goods

You’ll be covered when the client’s fancy new marble gets damaged or stolen while under your control. This cover is up to the maximum sum insured.

Professional fees

We’ll cover the costs of architects, surveyors, consultants and anyone else who needs to be involved in the repair or replacement of the contract works.

Increased costs during construction

We’ll cover the increase in labour and material costs during the construction period.

Increased costs during reconstruction

We’ll cover you for any increase in reconstruction costs following accidental loss.

Optional earthquake cover

Optional damage cover from natural disasters.

“Terms and conditions apply. A copy of the policy wording is available from Cactus on request”

Spike’s Tip!

If the build is taking longer than planned, renew the contract before it expires – this can be done in five minutes. If you don’t, you’ll have to start the whole process again.

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Easy as process and service. We’ve digitised our processes so you don’t have a mountain of paperwork to get through.

We’ve teamed up with our rad partners to give you the sickest deals.

What our mates say

Mike Drum

Company or Job Title

The process was easy as! The whole thing was simple to use which was a massive benefit to me

Matt Dangen

MJD Electrical

There was no muckin’ around. Super easy to follow and really clean. There’s lots of cover in there that I had no idea about

Nick Josephson

BBT Digital

Highly recommend these lads, a great bunch that understand the needs of a tradie with flexible options to suit my needs. 10/10