Contract Works

The costs of building a house can really add up, contract works insurance can help ensure your construction project is protected from start to finish.

Whether it’s a new build or renovation, a Contract Works policy covers work during the construction period. It pays for repairs or redoing work damaged by insured events like fire, flood, storm, vandalism or theft. This can include the cost of the labour, materials and tools to get the work back to where it was before it was damaged. 

Contract works insurance excludes faulty workmanship but can include natural hazard damage, such as earthquakes.

We’ll get you covered for


Theft & Burglary

Accidental damage

Storm & Flood


Optional natural hazards cover such as earthquake or tsunami

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Woodeez Family Trust
Adviser: Nathan
Great service, very seamless process.
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Getting cover was an extremely easy and very informative, enjoyable process.
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Getting cover sorted was sweet and straightforward, everything was done over the phone.
Adviser: Wayne
Wayne made getting cover nice and easy and went out of his way to help.
Adviser: Ilan
Everyone else was a pain but with Cactus, the insurance process was fantastic, there was no hassle and the service was great.