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Tradesman Business Advice: Covering Financial Risk

As a small business owner, your finances are the key to understanding your business.  Making sure you understand how they can negatively effect your business is one of the keys to success. The main two financial risks that you must to cover in the financial side of your business are liquidity and credit. Liquidity Risk:   This […]

Growing a construction business in New Zealand

As a contractor or sole trader in the construction industry, word-of-mouth and referrals are going to be the biggest tools for growing your business. Reliable and friendly customer services is the easiest way to ensure people refer your business and you beat out your competition. Focus on exceeding expectations of current customers – you never […]

Business risk – protecting yourself

Business risk should be a fundamental consideration for any tradesman or small business  owner, and properly protecting yourself can be the difference between swimming in cash or being in the sh*tter. Most small business owners don’t spend as much time as they should understanding risk and how it can affect their business, let alone implementing […]

Who are we?

Cactus insurance. The urban dictionary definition of the word cactus is dead or not functioning. Why would we call our insurance company by a name that essentially means it’s f***ed? Well, in truth we think that a lot of the current insurance offerings for tradesman are f***ed. They are complicated and niggly, simple as that, and you […]

Best tradesman accounting software

From tracking subbie or employee time sheets to, quoting jobs or full project management, Xero is an accounting software with a whole bunch of time-saving tools for tradesman.   Here are a couple of ways you can use this tradesman accounting software (and it’s awesome ‘add-ons’) to make your business run smoother:   Tracking employee time sheets, this […]

Cactus Insurance tool cover for tradesman

   Tool Insurance. It’s not just for your tools!   If you’re a hands on tradie your tools are the be all and end all of your business. Your day to day ability to lay blocks or run cables comes downs to having your tools on hand to get the job done. Tool theft has […]

Cactus Insurance vehicle cover for tradesman

When your truck is cactus, we help you get back on the road. Keeping your truck or work vehicle insured is something that every builder must do, how else are you going to get from site to site when you’ve got jobs to get through or if you’re running a team? When your vehicle is […]

Cactus Insurance liability cover for tradesman

S*** happens when you’re in business, we protect you when things go cactus up.   Liability insurance for tradesman is there to cover you when you are legally responsible for something, when a third party holds you legally liable for loss or damages. This is one of the most important covers a builder or tradesman […]

Cactus Insurance professional indemnity cover for tradesman

We all f*** up sometimes, no need to throw the cactus out with the bath water. As you grow your business and gain experience most tradesman will branch into giving more and more advice to their clients. A tradesman ‘duty of care’ states that the work completed must be ‘fit for purpose’ and is the […]

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