Restaurant & Hospitality Business Insurance Solutions in New Zealand

Ensure smooth operations for your venue with Hospitality Business Insurance

In the dynamic world of hospitality, tailored Restaurant and Hospitality Business Insurance solutions are important to keep your operations running smoothly. 

Whether it’s a restaurant, hotel, or event venue, the correct coverage protects you against unique challenges, liability concerns during events, property damage and business interruption.

Coverage for Event Liability, Property Damage, and Business Interruption

Events can bring both excitement and unforeseen risks. Hospitality Business Insurance policies include event liability coverage, safeguarding you against potential liabilities that can arise during gatherings and functions. We address property damage and provide coverage for business interruption, allowing you to recover swiftly from unexpected disruptions. With Cactus Insurance, you can focus on delivering exceptional hospitality while we handle the insurance complexities.

Key Benefits

Event Liability Coverage

Ensure the safety of your guests with coverage for liability concerns during events.

Property Damage Protection

Maintain a seamless and positive guest experience with coverage against property damage. Business Interruption Coverage: Be prepared for unexpected disruptions and recover swiftly with the correct coverage.

Industry Expertise

Benefit from insurance solutions tailored to address the unique challenges of the hospitality industry.

Types of cover to consider

Event Liability Insurance (Including Public, Statutory & Employers)

Property Damage Insurance (Building, Contents & Stock)

Business Interruption Insurance

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