4 ways to keep your team safe this winter


The New Zealand winter can be pretty damp and gloomy, leaving most of your team feeling unmotivated and tired. While you can’t change the weather, you can try to increase motivation and minimise any hazards on your site. We’ve put together a winter survival guide to get your team through the winter months in one piece.

1. Dress for the conditions

Make sure your team are wearing the correct gear and that it’s in good condition. Remind them to stock up on any clothing or equipment that they may need to replace before the winter chill hits. A heavy-duty moisture-resistant jacket, insulated gloves and hat, and sturdy boots with non-slip soles will be a lifesaver on a rough winter’s day.

2. Keep an eye out for the weather

If both you and your team keep an eye out first thing in the morning, you can prepare for how cold it’s going to be or whether it will bucket down with rain. Even if the day doesn’t look too pretty, at least your team won’t get drenched if you all plan ahead and wear wet weather gear. Everyone has apps for this nowadays, but you could post it in a group chat each morning so no one in your team is left out in the cold.

3. Make sure your vehicles are good to go

It’s important to stick to the general rules of driving to the conditions, but there’s also the maintenance that you need to keep your eye on. If anyone on your team has a company vehicle, make sure the tyres are up to spec to prepare for the slippery roads. and allow a few minutes in the morning for your car to warm up before you head off.

4. Look out for potential hazards

Whenever you see some ground that is a slip hazard from the rain, or frosty from the cold, let your team know so they can be on alert. It may be a laugh to watch everyone slide around, but someone will likely break a bone or cause damage to materials and tools. To avoid being a worker down and needing to replace expensive equipment, be alert from the get-go.

Stay safe out there team!

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