5 of the best moustache styles


So with it coming up to the final days of Movember, you should (hopefully) have grown enough hair on your face to style it into something spectacular. Looking for inspiration? Check out these legendary mo styles and try them on for size!

1. The Chevron

Features: This mo style covers your top lip and its ends point downward. It’s a pretty full mo and is meant to be bushy and only lightly trimmed.

How to get it: You’ll need pretty coarse and straight hair to pull this off so you might need a bit longer than a month to grow it out properly. Use a trimmer to create the pointed edges and keep it maintained by trimming any hair that tries to grow over your mouth.


2. The Walrus

Features: This one’s pretty simple, it’s bushy and looks like a walrus. It’s a bit more haphazard than the Chevron and it’s also slightly more rounded.

How to get it: Again, you need pretty thick hair to pull this one off. The trademark of the Walrus mo is that the hair hangs over your mouth so you need to get used to that feeling! When you style it, use some wax and style the ends downwards.


3. The Pencil

Features: This one will either make or break you. It’s basically a very thin line across your top lip and can look pretty creepy on some people. It lines the upper lip and is probably a lot more comfortable than having a giant mo like a Chevron or Walrus on your face.

How to get it: The Pencil style requires careful frequent trimming so it’s a bit more high maintenance than the others. It doesn’t take long to grow what you need to work with, you’ll just need to focus on grooming the bottom of the mo to keep it straight and sleek.


4. The Handlebar

Features: Maybe one of the more well-known mo styles out there, the Handlebar is not for the faint of heart. The styling is also a bit trickier so only try this one if you’re confident you can get it right. The curved ends are what make this style so distinctive .

How to get it: It’ll probably take about the same growing time as the Chevron and Walrus as you’ll need a fair bit of hair to work with. You’ll also need to grow the ends a bit longer than the centre so you’ve got enough to style. Use a bit of moustache wax to wind each end of your moustache outward and upward to get that curl.


5. The Horseshoe

Features: This one looks like what it’s called, a horseshoe. It’s basically like a goatee but with the bottom bit shaved out. It’s quite a distinctive style and you’ll need a bit of confidence to pull it off.

How to get it: Give your mo a bit of time to grow for this one as it needs to have enough hair to make into the shape you want. Where your moustache ends, you’ll need your hair to keep growing in two long parts to create the horseshoe shape. This one should be kept pretty well-groomed and cut so you don’t look like you just have a big random patch in the middle of your chin.

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