5 perks of being a tradie


If you’re a tradie, you probably already know the best bits about your job, but we’ve put together a list so you can show your mates and convince them that you’ve definitely got the better deal! If you’re pretty green and your boss is trying to hire some new blood, this is also something you can casually share around too to redirect some of that newbie flack!

Perk #1: You’re done with debt

While your mates are out there racking up the debt from that university course that they’re not even sure they really want to do, you’re racking up the skills and experience as well as that cold hard cash. Yes, during your apprenticeship you’re probably making sh*t-all, but at least it’s money in the bank – no student loan debt for you!

Perk #2: You’re Mr Worldwide

Lame reference alert! No, you’re not Pitbull, but you have a pretty good set of skills that are desirable anywhere in the world. After all, everyone needs a tradie, whether you’re a painter in London or an electrician in the US of A. Forget finding the best place to go to to use your skills – you can go anywhere you want!

Perk #3: Ladies love the tradies

Okay, we’re getting a bit more unprofessional here, but it’s true! With all your gains from hauling sh*t around and your IDGAF, down to earth attitude, you’re pretty much the dream guy! If she’s still not convinced, whip out your skills and build her a wine cabinet/shoe rack combo or fix her expensive hairdryer and she’ll be all yours!

Perk #4: You’re super flexible

Not in the downward-dog, bendy yoga stuff way (although some of you might be in to that, no judgement), but we mean in the working hours you do. In the beginning, it might be a bit more strict with when you need to be there and when you need to leave, but give it a bit of time and you’ll get so good at what you do that you might be able to jet early. Tip: Become your own boss and you’ll be living the life!

Perk #5: You see the results

There’s nothing quite like knowing you’ve achieved something awesome. Tradies have it pretty good in this respect – once you’ve put in all that hard work, you’ve got something to show for it, whether it’s a house or a chair or whatever it is you do. One day when you’re all tradied out, you can still entertain (bore?) your kids by driving around to all of the houses you built in a trip down tradie memory lane.

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