5 tips for preparing your small business for Christmas


Christmas is often here before you know it – especially if you’re a small business owner. You’re running your business as usual, and then the next thing you know, it’s December and you need to start planning for the holiday period. Whether you close down over the break or keep operating through it, here are some helpful tips to prepare your business for the holidays.

1. Sort out your staffing

If you are operating over the Christmas period, you’ll need to make sure you’ve got enough staff to cover. Most of your team will likely want to take a bit of a break to spend time with friends and family over Christmas, so having a few casual team members on hand will really help you out. Planning your staffing needs early will ensure that your business runs smoothly and you won’t need to stress about finding cover at short notice.

2. Show your appreciation

You and your team have been working hard all year and now’s the time to acknowledge that. Whether you hold a Christmas party or organise gifts for your team, make sure they know you appreciate their dedication. If you have a few key clients who always pay on time and generate referrals, perhaps you could also show your appreciation by sending them a token of gratitude and well wishes for the holidays.

3. Review your inventory

This one is particularly key if your business is still operating over Christmas, but even if you’re closing down, it’s important to review the levels of your stock and supplies. Taking your stock levels into account will help you avoid any under- or over-ordering, and it will also give you an idea of what you may need for the coming months when your suppliers may be closing down or have limited stock.

4. Make the most of Christmas marketing

During the lead-up to Christmas, everyone is in gift-buying mode. With the right marketing campaign, you can tap into this to boost your bottom line before the new year. You could hold Christmas-themed giveaways and advertise them on your social media platforms, or send special discount codes to existing clients. You could also put together a gift guide with products and services you offer to encourage sales.

5. Give yourself a break

It can be tough to take a break when you’re a business owner, but it’s vital to allow yourself some time to recharge. That way, you’ll be able to jump into the new year feeling refreshed and full of new ideas to grow your business. You’ll also be a better leader for your team if you’re not stressed and burnt out, so prioritise some time over the holidays to really switch off and get some well-earned R&R.
Hopefully these tips have got you thinking about getting ready for the holiday period – let us know if we missed any!

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