How to ask for client feedback


Feedback is a useful tool to grow your business but it can often feel pretty awkward to ask for. In the world we live in, online reviews charge word of mouth and potential clients will most likely be looking for what other people have to say about your business. So, how do you ask for client feedback? We have put together some tips to make it easy. 

How to ask for feedback

The best way to get some feedback is to ask, most clients who speak highly of your work probably won’t hop on online and post a review automatically. If your client is vocally happy with your work, you can politely ask them to leave a review. They are more likely to follow through if you ask them in person rather than asking later down the line. 

More ways to ask for feedback

  • Link your business profiles on your website for clients to easily find
  • Start asking for reviews as part of your normal business practice when you finish a job
  • Put your review platforms on business cards and flyers
  • Follow up on clients with an email linking to leave a review
  • Email with a link to a feedback survey.
  • Share the review around! Put it on your website as testimonials

How to handle negative feedback

We can’t always please everyone, if you’ve had some negative feedback posted online don’t ignore them. Use this as an opportunity to show your great customer service! Reply and ask if you can call them to solve the situation. You can also thank them for leaving constructive feedback and what you will do in future to resolve this.

What to avoid

Don’t hassle your clients for reviews, if they don’t want to give feedback they may get annoyed if you keep persisting. Leaving fake reviews can be easy to spot, avoid writing fake reviews or buying third party reviews. 

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