Become Part of a Thriving Industry (Without the Uni Fees)


Our industry is currently in a very good position. It’s like we’re 3-points ahead in the 2011 RWC with 10-minutes left and Stephen Donald has just pulled on Cruden’s XS jersey, the outcome was never in doubt.

All around the country, the building and construction industry is thriving. Whether you’re a plumber, sparkie or roofer there definitely isn’t a shortage of work available. To top it off, all industry reports and statistics show that it’s going to stay this way for a long time.

If you’re a school leaver or labourer looking to take the next step in your career, becoming an apprentice is a great option!


The country is open for business.

Unless you’re blind or you haven’t peeled your eyes off Facebook and Snapchat, you’ve probably noticed the number of cranes and building sites popping up. What does this mean? Business is BOOMING!

However, if you don’t believe us, the 2017 National Construction Pipeline Report reinforces this boom. The report shows that the industry has grown like Arnie on steroids, in other words – it’s huge! This growth doesn’t look like it’s going to stop anytime soon either. Forecasts show it’s expected to grow another 23% by 2020, which is a much higher peak and longer duration than previously forecasted.

So we reckon there’s plenty of work to go around!


Career prospects are endless.

The smartypants over at The Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE) believe that the career prospects within our industry are off the chart. Currently, we are in a unique position: there isn’t enough locally qualified and skilled tradies to satisfy the demand.  

This means there are plenty more jobs out there for the next generation to fill. So whether you’re the wood-tech wiz or just don’t want to sit in a lecture theatre listening to an old bloke blabber on about god knows what, the need for new and energetic apprentices is here to stay.  


Don’t forget you get paid!

Most apprentice tradies start on minimum wage, with the ability to increase this as you progress through your apprenticeship. In a lot of cases, once you finish your apprenticeship you will be in a financial position most university students would kill for.

Now, this could be the deal breaker! If you’re not keen on racking up a 40k-plus student loan for a fancy piece of paper then our industry is perfect.

Not only are you earning a tidy wage throughout the entirety of your apprenticeship, the only things you’ll be building will be on-site, and not a nasty little student loan.


First two-years free!

Along with earning a wage throughout your apprenticeship, you may also be eligible to receive your first two-years free. As of the 1st of January 2018, the government’s Fees-Free policy came into effect. The scheme covers all apprentices for their first two-years of industry-based training.

The policy makes beginning an apprenticeship a lot more accessible for thousands of Kiwi school leavers. The policy not only makes trades more attractive to school leavers but it will hopefully go a long way to solving the skills shortage we are currently experiencing.

However, there are strict criteria that you and your employer will need to meet in order for you to be eligible. So make sure you check your eligibility.


A wide range of options.

Regardless of your passion or skill level, there is a place for you within our industry. It doesn’t matter if you want to become a plumber, bricklaying or roofer, our industry requires a wide range of talented people. This means there is a place for you to thrive!

Have we peaked your interest? If so, go investigate the options available to you! Hopefully, we’ll see you on-site in the near future and remember you’ll need insurance when you’re on-site. So remember the name and don’t forget Cactus has your back!

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