Cactus Insurance liability cover for tradesman


S*** happens when you’re in business, we protect you when things go cactus up.


Liability insurance for tradesman is there to cover you when you are legally responsible for something, when a third party holds you legally liable for loss or damages.

This is one of the most important covers a builder or tradesman can have.

There are four different classes of liability

  1. Property damage and personal injury
  2. Financial loss only
  3. Fines and penalties
  4. Management liability

We cover you for three separate areas of liability under the one cover; Broad form (Public), Employers and Statutory Liability

  • Broad form / Public Liability. This covers you against liability for personal injury or property damage, just select the level of cover you require from $1,000,000 all the way up
  • Employers Liability. This is cover for defence costs and any damages you become liable for as a result of injury to an employee which is sustained in the course of their employment. Just pick the level of cover you require starting at $250,000
  • Statutory Liability. This covers you for any fine that you become liable for arising from a claim made against you. This also covers your defence costs related to that claim
  • We can also cover you at the rate of $250 per day for each day you are required to attend court as a result of a claim event
  • If you are acquitted, or if the case is dismissed or withdrawn, without the payment of any fine, your defence costs will be reimbursed and no excess will apply.
  • Rent or lease your premises? We cover you for your legal liability to pay compensation to your landlord as a result of damage to these premises
  • You are also covered for your liability under the forest and rural fires act for up to $250,000

Cactus Tip:

Make sure all your subbies have their own liability cover too. If they don’t have cover, don’t let them on site!

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