Cactus Insurance professional indemnity cover for tradesman


We all f*** up sometimes, no need to throw the cactus out with the bath water.

As you grow your business and gain experience most tradesman will branch into giving more and more advice to their clients.

A tradesman ‘duty of care’ states that the work completed must be ‘fit for purpose’ and is the foundation principle in cases of negligence.

A builder owes this ‘duty of care’ to their clients and future purchasers of the property, and professional indemnity insurance through Cactus insurance will cover you.

This cover gives you protection against legal liability for business and professional people arising from the conduct of your business or practice, or mistakes made that cause financial loss for someone else.

We can also tailor a special cover for you if you are an LBP to include the extra cover you need as someone who signs off and takes responsibility for the work of others.

This insurance specifically caters for

  • Settlements and judgements against you arising from negligent advice or services
  • Legal costs and expenses associated with the defence of any legal action
  • Poor project management oversight causing sub-par work
  • Your liability for mistakes made by your employees, consultants or subcontractors

Cactus Tip:

Your PI cover will cover your own arse, and the arse of any employee. It does not cover any contractor you hire, so while you will be sweet, they won’t be.

Make sure that any contractor you hire holds their own Liability cover…. If they don’t, send them to us!

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