Christmas prep for tradies


With Christmas literally around the corner, you’ll be looking forward to a well-deserved break, or hopefully at least a couple of days off to chill and spend time with your family and your mates. Before you switch off though, here are a few things to check off your list and get sorted before you down tools and kick back.

1. Secure your sites
If you’ve got any building sites that you’ll be pausing work on over the break, make sure you lock them up tight. The last thing you want is some little punks coming in and destroying all your hard work with graffiti or broken windows, so turn all power off, remove any chemicals, chuck up a perimeter fence, and maybe get some lights and cameras installed for good measure.

2. Keep your tools safe
Secure all of your tools before you take a break. Don’t leave them on site, or even in your truck, as opportunists will try to take them off your hands. If you can, keep them in a locked storage box in your house or garage (make sure that’s pretty secure too), and if you’re heading out of town, ask one of your mates or neighbours to keep an eye on the place for you. You didn’t spend all that dough on your gear just for someone else to have it for Christmas!

3. Tell your clients when you’ll be off
Whether you’re just starting work for some new clients, or you’re midway through a project for others, you’ll need to let your clients know when you will and won’t be working. Sometimes when clients are off work during this period, they can get more focused on their projects and assume you’ll be working to get it done over the break. Make it clear what dates you’ll be available to work from the get-go so you’re all on the same page.

4. Get roadworthy
This is more of a personal thing, but if you’re taking off anywhere in your work truck, it applies too. Be sure to check that your rego and WOF are all good (lots of cops around during the holidays) and if you’re going on a big roadie, make sure things like your tyre pressure and oil levels are in good working order. If you’re lugging anything around on a trailer, check that that’s all up top scratch too.

5. Throw an epic Christmas party
If you don’t call the shots around the site, then maybe this isn’t for you, but you could always do something with your team if your boss doesn’t really get into the Christmas spirit. Having an end-of-year blowout is a great way to show the team you appreciate all of their hard work during the year and will encourage everyone come into the new year on a positive note.

Have a good one guys and gals!

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