Finding new blood for your business


Is it time for a new round of recruits? Maybe you’ve got a tonne of applicants but how many really cut the mustard? Or maybe you’re struggling to even get a couple of people to interview? Here’s the definitive list of how to find new blood for your business and make sure they’re the next superstars!

Ask around your team

First things first, start in your own team. If you’ve got some stellar guys working for you, it’s likely that they’ll be a good judge of who would work well with the crew and who wouldn’t. Ask them if they know anyone who would be a good fit, and if they do, that’s a solid referral right there! You can also put some incentives in place for your entire team – if anyone they refer gets the job, they get a sweet prize or bonus!

Grab them when they’re fresh

The best recruits are often the ones who might not have the experience but are super keen to prove themselves and put the time in to develop their skills. And where else better to find recruits like this than a trade school that specialises in training students in your field? Partner with your local trade education centre and you’ll have the pick of the bunch when they’re raring and ready to go!

Shout out on social

A great place to reach potential recruits is via social media – everyone’s on it nowadays right? And everyone knows someone who knows someone who’s looking for a tradie role, so you can stretch your net far and wide and come up with some great candidates. Even if they’re not 100%, you’ll at least have people to choose from and work out where you can train some up if they have the right attitude. 

Put your website to work

If people are searching and checking out your website directly, then they’re likely to be pretty interested in your company. Make sure your website has a specific careers page where potential recruits can see what jobs are available and apply directly. You can even include some quotes or a video from your team saying what it’s like to work with your business so people can get a feel for how they’ll fit.

Hold on to all applications

Even if you’ve found the best person for your team, there still might be other candidates who are pretty good – keep their application information on file in case you’ve got another opening for someone later on. That way, you’ll have a go-to candidate when you need one, and they might even have a bit more experience and skill by the time you come to them again.

Be the one to work for

No matter how hard you’re working to get new blood, no one will want to work for you if you’re rubbish. Make sure you’ve got all the bases covered and that you treat your team well, including giving them decent pay, the latest gear and good working conditions. Make sure you sing your company and your team’s praises often across your social media pages and your website –  that will also show that you give a sh*t about what you do and you value your team. That’s all anyone really wants right?

Happy recruiting!

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