Health Tips for Tradies


Before you roll your eyes and scoff about being lectured, we’re not here to tell you to cut out the beersies and the pies – we’re just giving you some easy tips to keep you and your mates healthy as so you can keep on truckin’ and do what you do best!

Take regular breaks

This one should be easy to figure out – and it gives you an excuse to convince the boss to let you take 5. Taking breaks is super important, especially as a tradie. You work your a** off so you deserve to take a breather every now and then – especially when you need to get away from the newbie so you don’t lose your sh*t.

Drink tonnes of water

Yes, water, not beer. We said we wouldn’t tell you to stop the beersies, but just save it for when you’re off the clock. Being dehydrated will leave you looking like an idiot when you get wasted after one can, so drinking water throughout the day is essential when you’re out in the heat and sweating it all out. Pouring water over your mates sort of counts, just don’t do it near any electrical outlets!

Wear sunscreen

Yeah, yeah, you don’t need sunscreen, you’re tougher than the sun. We all know that’s bullsh*t so just slop some sunscreen on your face and be done with it. If you’re worried about your mates laughing at you, just do it before you get to the site – you’ll be the one laughing when they look like they’ve fallen asleep on the barbie.

Work on your gains

Being on the job might be a bit of a workout in itself, but it’s not really enough to help your fitness. Even if you just join your mates for some footy a couple times a week, getting active and getting your heart racing (intense gaming sessions don’t count), is going to help you become healthier overall – you’ll be surprised how much muscle you actually have under that layer of cushioning!

Good shut-eye is key

Getting a solid eight hours will help keep you on top of your game. Not only will you get to annoy your mates by being chirpy AF in the morning, you’ll also ace your work and feel better overall! Plus, getting enough sleep helps you avoid making any rookie mistakes because your brain is fresh and raring to go.

See, easy right? Keep healthy out there guys!

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