How to host the best barbie this summer


Whether it’s a casual get together with your mates or a full-on feast with the whole family, we all love a good old Kiwi barbie. Having hosted a few ourselves here at Cactus, we like to think that we’re definitely pros now, so here are some handy little hints to help you be the BBQ master this holiday season!

Get the best, bro
Even if you cook it to perfection, the cheapest bit of meat still won’t taste that great – all good if it’s just you and a couple of mates, but if you really want to impress, don’t skimp on the good quality cuts. Yeah they might cost a bit more, but if you want the title of BBQ King (or Queen) then you gotta put in the effort (and the moolah).

Cook it right
Barbecuing is an art, and whoever tells you otherwise isn’t very good at it. Make sure if you’re doing steak (which you definitely should!) that you use a thick piece so that you can have more chance of getting a beaut of a char on the outside but still keeping it juicy as inside. Another tip is to oil the meat and not the grill, and only season the meat with salt and pepper at the last minute otherwise it’ll go dry.

Guests bring a plate
You’re aiming to be a great host but also the best barbecuer, and if you have to faff around with all the sides too, the meat’s going to suffer. The best way to avoid this is to tell all your guests to bring a plate of whatever they want to eat. Could be a potato salad, could be garlic bread, but at least you know that someone there is going to eat it (unlike your half-assed limp salad from last year…)

Prep the extras
You don’t want to mess around with sides, but you do need the basics handy like cutlery, plates, and good old tommy sauce. You can easily pick these up the day before and have it all set up before you hit the grill. If you want to be super fancy, you can pour some different sauces into small bowls and have spoons for self-serving. Never hurts to stock up on ice and beers while you’re at it.

Don’t get sick
Giving your guests food-poisoning will basically ensure that you never get crowned Barbecuer of the Year so you need to be careful. Any chicken you’re cooking needs to be cooked right through and keep any raw meat separate from anything cooked. Also have some insect repellent handy, chuck a hat on your head, and wait till after you’re done with the barbie to get sloshed.

Got any other great tips for hosting the best barbie?

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