How to improve your productivity


We all want to make sure we’re being as productive as possible, but when things get really busy it’s not easy to keep it up. So how can you ensure that you stay on top of your tasks? Find out how to improve your productivity below.

Work in intervals

Keeping track of your time will help you stay on track, especially if you’ve got a lot on your plate that day. Try setting a timer for 5 or 10 minutes and commit to focusing on your task for the amount of time. Once the timer has gone off, allow yourself a minute of distraction and then set the timer again.

Use the latest tech

Get your hands on the latest technology to help you speed up your admin process. There are so many apps and software systems that are designed to help you get things done faster, leaving time for the things you enjoy.

Take breaks

Longer hours might mean we’re getting more done, but we never work as well when we’re burned out. Taking regular breaks will help to boost your mood and increase your productivity. Take a quick walk around the block or spend 15 minutes grabbing a coffee!

Set goals

Looking at your to-do list can be overwhelming, but if you break it up into smaller tasks you’ll feel more in control. Rather than writing down ‘finish project’, break that into all the smaller tasks that will help you finish it. This will make bigger projects seem less daunting.

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