4 ways to actually use your client testimonials


Now that you’ve got a stack of 5 star reviews from your clients (if you don’t, here’s how you can get ‘em), you’ll need to put them to good use to build your brand and generate new leads. So how can you do that? Here are 4 ways to actually use your epic client feedback to boost your business.

Put them on your website

This one might seem obvious, but it’s super important to do this properly. Most sites have a dedicated page where all of their client testimonials are kept – this is fine, but also make sure that they’re dotted around your site so people will see them as they’re browsing through. You should have one or two placed around each page, ideally at the top and bottom to remind potential clients just how great you are!

Get them up on your social

Another obvious one, but this one is key. It’s ideal if your clients have left reviews on your actual Facebook page, but if not, you can still use what they have sent through. You can create a post with a quote from what they’ve said – even better if you can create an image with the text in, or use a video to really capture attention.

Turn them into videos

Written testimonials are fantastic, but people tend to react better to real humans talking about their experiences. We’re not saying you need to turn every testimonial into a video, but having a few good ones can really make a difference. Make sure you choose your clients wisely here – you’ll need someone who has been absolutely raving about you, and is willing to be on camera.

Use them in your email comms

It’s a great idea to place one or two written testimonials or videos in any email communications too, even if it’s just to existing clients. It gives you serious credibility and solidifies the recipient’s relationship with you, helping them feel more confident in coming to you for any future jobs, or even referring their friends.

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