New Year’s resolutions to avoid


Every year we get question after question wondering what our New Year’s resolutions are going to be. Let’s face it, there are just some that no one sticks to anyway. That’s why we’ve put together some resolutions to avoid making.

Quit Drinking

This is actually a great idea as you’ll feel better and healthier overall. However, it can be hard to quit cold turkey.

Instead of quitting, set some rules for how you can drink less. This could look like saving the beers for special occasions, only drinking once a week, or when you do drink, only having a couple. 

Save more money 

Saving money is a great thing, but a vague resolution without any particular actions means you’ll most likely end up spending your extra cash on things that come up. 

Instead of being too general, try saving for a specific goal and create a budget that is going to be realistic so you don’t have too little to spend each week or you won’t stick with it. 

Go on a diet

One of the most common resolutions is about eating less or losing weight. It’s great to start making healthier choices, however limiting and restricting your food can lead to unhealthy habits. Dieting can give you less energy and cause you to be “hangry” all the time. 

Instead, make a couple of goals to stick to throughout the year, like only getting takeaways once a week, or planning your meals every Sunday so you make healthier choices while food shopping. 

Exercise more

Another very common resolution is joining the gym. Many people join at the start of the year but stop going after a few weeks and end up wasting their money on a weekly membership. 

Instead of falling into this trap, join with a friend or family member to keep each other accountable, or get a trainer so they can show you the ropes and stick you with a schedule. You can also try joining a sports team in whatever you enjoy doing. The more you enjoy it the more you’ll stick with it!

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