Our tips for keeping your business safe over the holidays + what to do if you need to make a claim!


The holiday season is fast approaching and we’re all looking forward to enjoying some sunshine and a relaxing break! However, before we head off, it’s important to consider how to keep your business safe whilst you’re away. To help ensure the safety and security of your business during the festive season, follow these tips. 

Secure the premises and vehicles

One of the first steps in safeguarding your business is to make it secure. Lock all entry points, arm security systems, and ensure that all valuable equipment and tools are safely stored away. If your business uses work vehicles, park them in secure or well-lit areas, lock them, and consider using steering wheel locks. Ensure that all keys are safely stored and not left on-site.

Mitigate the chance of theft

Reducing the risk of burglary and theft is a top priority during the holidays. Consider implementing additional security measures like reinforced doors, motion-activated lighting, and fencing. Security cameras and alarm systems can act as powerful deterrents, helping protect your property and assets.

We know incidents happen and unfortunately the holidays are no exception. In the event of an incident over the holiday period we’ve put together some guidance to prepare you to make a claim. 

Do what you can to prevent further damage

If there is property damage, such as broken windows or water damage, take immediate action to prevent further harm. Board up windows to keep out intruders and the elements. For water damage, turn off the main water supply and contact a plumber immediately.

If you’re involved in an incident in your vehicle or motorcycle and it’s no longer drivable or you believe driving would result in further damage, call for a tow truck and have the vehicle moved to a safe location. 

Take photos

Documentation is crucial in any incident. Take photos of any damage or evidence, even before moving vehicles or cleaning up a damaged area if it’s safe to do so. In the case of a motor accident, photograph both vehicles and the other party’s license and registration.

If you need to claim

Follow the links below to complete a claim form. We will then be in touch with what is required for the claim to go ahead. We’ve put together a handy guide to what evidence is needed for each type of claim:

Motor vehicle claims

Complete the form: Motor Vehicle Claim Form

What evidence may be required: 

  1. Photos of damage and other party’s vehicles
  2. Be sure to note your preferred repairer on the claim form
  3. Get as many contact details for any other parties that may be involved

Claims for stolen tools

Complete the form: Property/Tools Claim Form

What evidence may be required: 

  1. Police Report Acknowledgement
  2. Completed Loss Schedule (Attached)
  3. Proof of purchase/ownership of the items (e.g. invoices, bank statements, asset register etc.)
  4. Replacement Quotation (This can be from your preferred supplier)
  5. Photos/Video showing forced entry to the locked vehicle/site.
  6. A Screenshot of your bank details

Claims for damaged phone or property

Complete the form: Property/Tools Claim Form

What evidence may be required: 

  1. Damage Report and Repair Quote
  2. Proof of Purchase
  3. A Screenshot of your bank details

Liability Claims

Complete the form: Liability/Contract Works Claim Form

What evidence may be required: 

  1. Do not accept liability, this is for the insurer to decide. 
  2. Ensure the property owner notifies their insurer
  3. Include as much supporting information as you can.

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