Commercial Property

Whether you own one office or seven buildings, we’ve got the right cover for you. We can help get your policy organised fast, so you can get on with the important things in life.

We’ll get you covered for

Business Assets

Your buildings.

Loss of income

If damage means you can’t lease your space, we can help.


Your legal obligations.

Get me covered!

I work in .

What our mates say

Adviser: Nathan
It was my first time getting insurance and Nathan was really good. He’s the reason I signed up.
Adviser: Ilan
Getting cover was an extremely easy and very informative, enjoyable process.
Adviser: Wayne
Everything was real easy and straight to the point.
Adviser: Nathan
Cactus is really awesome. Nathan was easy to talk to, it was just like talking to one of the tradies. He made it easy to understand all the corporate stuff.
Adviser: Ilan
I needed to get cover straight away as the van was on the transporter and Cactus made it easy as.